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on 22 Jul 2019, 08:54am
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Studying abroad certainly has its perks for students eager to experience what the world has to offer. When you are a student in a different country, you get ample opportunities to broaden your knowledge of the world around you and think about global matters in a critical lens. The choice of study areas has also unlimited as you can choose to specialize in any subject you would like, a luxury you might have been able to afford in colleges in Nepal. By being a part of an entirely new community, you also learn more about yourself and get to meet people from different walks of life.

In fact, it is being in another country itself that proves advantageous to garner an understanding of the world in general. You learn independence, become more mature, and conscious about global trends. This provides an opportunity for growth not just in the colleges you enroll in but in Nepal itself.


For instance, if you find yourself in a pristine river in a heavily populated city in the United States, you can then understand proper waste management and implement change to clean Bagmati.

If you had never left the country, you would not be able to see and learn about new technologies and industries, as well as concepts and philosophies.

Studying abroad is the ultimate form of exiting your bubble or leaving your echo chamber. It enables you to learn not just through college courses but through experiencing new settings. This makes you worldly where you can analyze problems and solutions in society as a well-informed individual who has been exposed to different ways of thinking.

Studying abroad is a gift in many ways, one where you will find yourself more intelligent and change-driven after.


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