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on 05 Aug 2019, 08:25am
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 Abroad study is always the attraction for the student who want to improve their knowledge for better life. Students experience a different and new education system. the benifits of studying abroad are to see the world, better education, learn different culture and self development. Self developement  has major effect on students. Abroad study in highly attracted by nepali students as it is an oppurtunities for student. They can adopt new culture, New friends, New world and discover A new one in themselves .

 It is very difficult for nepalese student to select the right college and university. So, there are numbers of consultancies, that provide necessary information about colleges and visa application process in various embassies. Students need to get a point in some english language test to reach the place

As in Nepal many are not able to get a satisfying job and A country itself suffer so many political issues that don't allow youngster people to fulfil their dream. Due to those reasons and circumstances and for better life style and better wages, these days Studying abroad is being a trend to nepalese student.


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