Study in Australia

Most popular destination among Nepalese students.

Study in Australia

It is home to 7 of the Top 100 Universities are in Australia and over 22,000 courses and PR leading courses are available. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane rank among the top cities globally for students. Additionally, there is a 99% visa success rate in Regional Australia.

  • Better scholarship programs for International students upto 50%.
  • Both IELTS and PTE are acceptable.
  • Post-Study Work (PSW) for up to 7 years.
  • 3rd most preferred study destinations in the world and 1st most popular among Nepalese students.
  • Relatively easy visa processing for students and quick visa decisions.
  • Simplified procedures for obtaining an education loan.

Below are some of the popular courses to choose from:

Know the Requirement

Document Checklist

  • All Academics
  • EPT
  • Education Loan
  • Genuine Income with Tax Clearance
  • GTE/GST (Documents)
  • Intention To Study
  • Affidavit Of Support
  • Property Valuation


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