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Study in USA

Top preferred study destination in the world with almost 6000 colleges and universities. More than 1 million international students are enrolled in the USA every year. Great visa success rate with our expert interview classes. Wide range of career opportunities. 60 of the top 100 universities and colleges are in the USA. Outstanding support system for internships and co-ops. One of the global leaders in technology innovation.

  • Partners can apply for and obtain a visa to join their spouse in the USA.
  • Highly ranked universities offer scholarship schemes with up to 100% coverage.
  • Easy to achieve Green Card to settle in the USA.
  • Opportunity to spend an additional couple of years in the USA getting valuable relevant work experience.

Below are some of the popular courses to choose from:

Know the Requirement

Document Checklist

  • Academic Documents
  • Essay, Resume, Passport, Citizenship
  • Financial documents¬†
  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Bank Balance


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